Jamesetta M Henries

She is an international award-winning humanitarian, a Liberian politician, a leadership expert, and a potential women's advocate who hails from Grand Bassa County.

Jamesetta M Henries

Replacing Total Silence With Potent Advocacy and implementation



As a political group, FRIENDS OF JAMESETTA M. HENRIES envisions a just world that promotes and protects human rights, gender equality, quality health and the integrity of the environment. We also need to create an environment where all women, girls and vulnerable groups have equal rights, access to education and economic empowerment..

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The mission of the FRIENDS OF JAMESETTA M. HENRIES is to ensure that Hon. Henries is elected as the next REPRESENTATIVE of Electoral District #3, Grand Bassa at the 55 th Legislature of Liberia...

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Friends Of Hon. Jamesetta M. Henries

Founded 2021; the “FRIENDS OF JAMESETTA M. HENRIES” is a group of potential like-minded individuals who have come together with a mission of achieving ONE GOAL.
The one and only goal of these like-minded individuals is to ensure that Hon. Jamesetta M. Henries is elected as the next REPRESENTATIVE of electoral District #3, Grand Bassa County come October 2023.
To help achieve this goal, Hon. Jamesetta M. Henries and friends have set up an office to enable the citizens and team members of the district (ED #3) and its surrounding communities to have easy access to the FOJ and to enable us to meet and implement projects.
Jamesetta M. Henries is an international award-winning humanitarian, a Liberian politician, a leadership expert, and a potential women's advocate who hails from Grand Bassa County.
She is a passionate and dynamic international speaker and a diligent leader pear excellent who holds a diploma in leadership and development and is currently pursuing a degree in management (business leadership), with over fifteen (15) years of professional practical leadership and commitment to serving humanity.
Leader Jamesetta is the founder and CEO of two registered non-profit organizations in Liberia: the People Advocating to Help Liberia (PATH-LIBERIA) and the Jamesetta M. Henries Humanitarian Initiative.
She has used her organization through many distant international partners to help educate, train, and provide many sustainable opportunities to the young people of Grand Bassa County.
In terms of job opportunities and sustainability, PATH-LIBERIA currently has several employees and volunteers, some of whom are on regular salaries and others on a monthly stipend.
She currently works at a Behavioral Health Facility named Merakey in Philadelphia, where she serves as a house manager.
Madam Jamesetta was named a Humanitarian Programme Officer at the African Youth for Development Commission, Liberia (AYDEC) with her passion, commitment, and love for serving humanity, where she uses her influence to positively impact many young Liberians through mentorship and advocacy processes.
She is also a passionate advocate and entrepreneur who believes in educating, empowering, and promoting women and girls, particularly in the underprivileged community, with the goal of assisting young, passionate Liberians in becoming more independent and fulfilling in their lives.
With her pragmatic leadership style, leader Jamesetta has made and continues to make a difference among youths by being fully and actively involved in community development programs and peace-building through many youth organizations and women's groups across Liberia and the United States of America.
She is also a former participant of many international conferences, including the United Nations Leadership Summit in New York, and a certified member of the U.S. Department of State Organization's "Young African Leaders Initiative" (YALI).

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